18 December 2010

Our newest addition

No, Baby McGregor has not made his debut yet (it could be any day now!) but another beauty has entered our home that I wanted to share.  

I have been looking for some type of buffet table/sideboard to use for storage of table linens (which were taking over our laundry shelves) and games (which were taking over the wall shelves in the nursery.)  I'd been searching garage sales and craigslist for weeks and weeks and couldn't really find what I wanted at a price that was worth it.  Finally, we found this beauty at ReStore - the Habitat for Humanity store in Fort Walton Beach.  

This is laying on its back.  It's not a great shot, but it's the only one I got.

I liked it because it was made of real wood and was the right size and style for the space.  Scott liked it because the shelves and doors were all in good condition so he wouldn't have to do any repairing - just some hardware replacement.  We both loved it for the price - $55.  I highly recommend checking one of these stores out if you've never been.  They have some really great stuff and are willing to negotiate on prices.  

Over the course of about a week we sanded, primed, painted, and polyurethaned.  I say "we", but the more accurate term is "Scott."  I helped with several of the steps but Scott did the majority of the work, especially towards the end as it was becoming more difficult for me to get around.  While I was at a rehearsal in Pensacola one night he finished putting the hardware on and brought it inside.  

I quickly filled it to its max and decorated for Christmas.  Here she is now:

Thank you, Scott!  It looks awesome!

P.S.  We generally followed the advice of Young House Love when painting this.  One thing that they didn't really emphasize that we now know is very necessary, especially with white furniture, is that your polyurethane coats need to be SUPER, SUPER thin.  As in do not go over any place more than once with the brush.  If you do, it will yellow as it dries and you'll have to sand it down and possibly repaint the white before trying again.  

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Mynamyn said...

Looking good, you two. Don't you love finding discount furniture? We just got a great leather couch for half the in-store price. Isn't it amazing how "thrifting" and "re-purposing" have become the new trendy thing to do? At least they have here in UT.

Can't wait to hear about the next addition to your family! Don't keep us waiting too long!